Achivement KSA (Security Service History)

KSA will make efforts for sound nourishment and development of security service.

Development Stage(If you click each stage, you can check out the explanation of pictures in chronological order.)

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Date Details
1976.12.31 Security Service Law Enacted and Issued (According to law No. 2946)
1978.09.21 Establishment of Association approved by Internal Affairs Minister Open Office at Nakwon Building in Nakwon-dong, Jongro-gu, Seoul The late first President Chi-Hwan Choi and Secretariat Bo-young Park Elected.
1979.07.06 The Second President Dong-Cheol Koh Elected
1981.02.14 The first Amendment of Security Service Law (Focused on the Extension of Age of Employable Guards)
1981.09.08 The third president Hun-Chin Hwang Elected
1981.12.17 The Office moved to Seongjin Bldg located at, Eulgi-Ro 3 ga, Jung-gu, Seoul
1983.03.31 The Office moved to Mugunghwa Hall located at Naeja-dong, Jongro-gu, Seoul
1983.04.29 The Articles of Associaton Amended (Focused on the number of staffs)
1983.05.31 The Office moved to Sahak Hall at Jeoksun-dong, Jongro-gu, Seoul
1983.12.30 The Second Amendment of Security Service Law
1984.09.21 The fourth President Hyung-Jung Kim Elected
1986.09.30 The fifth President Kwan Yoon Elected
1986.11.30 The Regulation on Exclusive Decision of Authority and Committee Enacted
1987.04.27 The Ethic Code Enacted
1988.09.16 Security Service for Ten Stadiums during Seoul Olympic Festival
1989.01.26 The Sixth President Jung-Hyeok Jung Elected.
1989.04.22 The first Seminar for Managers Held
1989.08.08 North Gyeongbuk Office in Daegu Established
1989.12.27 Security Service Law Amended (Focused on New Mechanic Affairs and Mutual Aid Service)